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White Screecher
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A subspecies of Screechers.
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Stone Drop (15)

White Screechers are Threats in Raft.


White Screechers are encountered on Caravan Island. Similar to the normal Screecher, once it has spotted the player, it will attack by dropping boulders onto the player, eventually killing them. Its detection radius is fairly big, so once approaching be sure to keep an eye out for when it dives, and listen for the sound of a boulder being picked up. The White Screecher always tugs three times before lifting off with a boulder. Once the boulder has been picked up, the Screecher will move in as straight a line as possible towards the player. Once directly above, it will drop the boulder dealing 15 damage to the player if hit.

Whenever the White Screecher is hit, a cloud of feathers emerges from its body. If the White Screecher is hit while trying to pick up a boulder, it may fly away to a different location and continue.

The White Screecher is smaller than, and flies at half the speed of a regular Screecher, and also has less health, making it much easier to kill. This also becomes evident from that fact that it drops fewer Feathers and Raw Drumsticks. Because of the slower flight speed it is much easier to hit the White Screecher twice each time it's about to drop a stone on the player.


Hits to Kill
Weapon/Ammo Normal Hard
Wooden Spear.png Wooden Spear 12 15
Metal Spear.png Metal Spear
Stone Arrow.png Stone Arrow
6 8
Machete.png Machete
Metal Arrow.png Metal Arrow
4 5
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  • To kill the White Screecher, it is recommended to use a Bow.
    • Wait until it flies towards you with a boulder and shoot it once while approaching, and another when it's immediately above you. Make sure to shoot slightly above it on the first shot to make up for the arrow dropping. Consider moving to a high spot so the White Screecher will have to fly up to you, potentially making it easier to hit.
    • Hold Shift to sprint as the White Screecher is about to drop its boulder to avoid them more easily.
    • Killing a White Screecher takes six (6) shots to kill with Stone Arrows and four (4) shots to kill with Metal Arrows.
  • The White Screecher can also be killed with a spear when it lands to pick up boulders. This method is not always viable because it tends to land far from the player, taking off after three pulls; before the player can reach it.

Avoiding Screecher Attacks[]

  • Standing under any roof on your raft will shield you from the White Screecher's rocks.
  • Hide in caravans.
  • Keep moving; the Screecher will take longer to drop the rock, and when it does, it will miss unless you move into it again.
  • Wait for the Screecher to drop a boulder, and as you hear its trigger (a screech), run out of the way.


  • The White Screecher is also known as the Caravan Stone Bird.


Early Access
Update 12 White Screecher added to the game.