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There are different types of Weather in Raft.

Summary[edit | edit source]

There are four main types of weather in Raft. At random intervals, the game engine will decide what weather comes next based on probability. Following are the types and their matching probability:

  • Default (47.6%)
  • Rainy Weather (14.3%)
  • Calm Weather (23.8%)
  • Big Waves (14.3%)

All weather types can also have the addition of fog, which may come and go on a separate timer of the regular weather change.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The most notable effect of weather is rain, which will water any Crop Plots not covered by roof. The rain seems to water on the same timer as Sprinklers, which water in a cycle of every 5 seconds. Any floor or roof will block out rain so it doesn't rain into housing.

Big Waves physically affects the raft in a fairly high degree, lifting the raft as waves come by. Occasionally, drifting items are lifted through the raft enabling them to be picked up through foundations.

Gallery[edit | edit source]