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Weapons is the fourth section of the Crafting Menu.


They mostly give damage to hostile creatures but also to other players, if friendly-fire is activated. It is advisable to always be moving in fights against animals.

List of weapons[]

Item Description Required Materials
Wooden Spear.png Wooden Spear A great device for poking things. 8xPlank.png, 3xRope.png
Metal Spear.png Metal Spear An even greater device for poking things. 6xPlank.png, 2xRope.png, 2xMetal Ingot.png, 1xBolt.png
Machete.png Machete Sharp enough to cut through vegetation. 3xScrap.png, 2xRope.png, 2xMetal Ingot.png, 2xBolt.png
Titanium Sword.png Titanium Sword The greatest device for poking and cutting things. 3xScrap.png, 2xRope.png, 3xTitanium Ingot.png, 2xBolt.png
Bow and Arrow
Basic Bow.png Basic Bow Shoots arrows roughly where you point it. 6xPlank.png, 4xRope.png, 2xVine Goo.png, 1xBolt.png
Stone Arrow.png Stone Arrow An average wooden arrow, with a stone tip. 3xPlank.png, 6xStone.png, 6xPlastic.png
Metal Arrow.png Metal Arrow Pointy, lightweight and well balanced. 3xPlank.png, 1xMetal Ingot.png, 6xFeather.png
Titanium Arrow.png Titanium Arrow Carefully crafted for maximum punch. 3xPlank.png, 1xTitanium Ingot.png, 6xFeather.png
Net Launcher
Net Launcher.png Net Launcher Aim at an animal to catch it. 2xScrap.png, 4xPlastic.png, 1xMetal Ingot.png, 2xBolt.png
Net Canister.png Net Canister Used together with the net launcher. 1xExplosive Powder.png, 4xRope.png, 4xStone.png
Item Description Required Materials
OP Weapon.png OP Weapon Cuts sushi like a boss. Not craftable


  • Weapons such as the Machete have a long backswing animation before the weapon can be used again aggressively, while firing any arrow is instant and can be done in quick succession.
  • Of the obtainable weapons, the current maximum damage can be dealt with a Machete and Metal Arrows which both do 15 damage (12 in hard mode).