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Useful for transporting water between different machines.
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The Water Pipe is an item classified as Other in Raft.


The Water Pipe is researched through the Blueprint: Water Pipe, which is found on Tangaroa. Two Pipes are made every time the item is crafted. The Pipe operates in cubes; building three units up in the air will require three Pipes, while building a Pipe four foundations long equally requires four Pipes. Other items can be built inside the same cube as the Pipe, but the items may not overlap.

The Water Pipe is used to move water between Electric Purifiers, Water Tanks and Sprinklers. Much like the Sprinkler itself, water is moved in cycles. With intervals the game will check if the other machines can contain more water, and if so, water is moved from the tank to the other machine in question.

Just like Fuel Pipes, these have no sort of pressure system, meaning that the length or complexity of the pipe system doesn't matter as long as all relevant machines are connected.

Will prioritize the first entrance into a water system, meaning a system connected through a series of water tanks will drain the electric purifier connected to the beginning of the system. In reference to the image posted in gallery labelled "Water Pipe Priority Example", this means the system piping upwards would only take water from purifier on the left, before the right purifier is engaged effectively draining the left purifier. This may be dealt with by unifying inputs, allowing for equal use.


  • Place on the raft to connect Electric Purifiers, Water Tanks, and Sprinklers.
  • May be stacked upon themselves vertically, allowing it pass through windows.
  • Currently piping cannot be placed directly on collection nets, however you are able to put water pipes above using a half-column and a floor, then removing the floor and place water piping underneath, allowing for you to run pipes along collection nets (Applies to fuel pipes as well)
  • Lifted Water pipes can be built horizontally if a floor is first built. The floor can the be removed without affecting the water pipe.


Early Access
Update 12 Water Pipe added to the game.