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Charge (20)
Beginner Warthog Hunter!
Intermediate Warthog Hunter!
Expert Warthog Hunter!

Warthogs are Threats in Raft. They are one of multiple hostile creatures.


The Warthog is a creature found on Large Islands. Warthogs will attack the player by charging at them. When a Warthog is killed, its parts can be harvested by interacting with it. The Warthogs do respawn when killed.


Hits to Kill
Weapon/Ammo Normal Hard
Wooden Spear.png Wooden Spear 18 23
Metal Spear.png Metal Spear
Stone Arrow.png Stone Arrow
9 12
Machete.png Machete
Metal Arrow.png Metal Arrow
6 8
Titanium Sword.png Titanium Sword
Titanium Arrow.png Titanium Arrow
5 6
Luring to Water

One easy way to kill the Warthog is to lure it near water. After doing so, walk to the shore and wait for it to charge at you. Retreat back into the water and when the Warthog has finished charging, it becomes disoriented for a second and you are able to stab/shoot it. This can be sped up by shooting the Warthog while it's on land before coming onto the shore to attract its attention once more. Note how far the Warthog charges you, as it is the same all consecutive charges.

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Shot Down with Metal Arrows

The Warthog can be killed quickly on land with a Basic Bow and arrows. When the Warthog has been encountered, hold the charge button for the bow and fire at it repeatedly whilst strafing and jumping around. The Warthog is killed after being hit by six Metal Arrows or nine Stone Arrows. Since this can be done very quickly, the arrows that have been fired into the Warthog can be retrieved as long as the body has not been picked up yet and the arrows themselves haven't despawned. This strategy can be combined with the general strategy of going out of range for the enemy and firing arrows from there.

Wall Jumping

Equipping a Metal Spear, the player can lure the Warthog to a wall and repeatedly stab it without taking damage - much like the Luring to Water strategy. This is done by jumping backwards up the wall and "wall surfing" while the Warthog is charging. While the Warthog is disoriented, jump down and stab it twice before jumping up the wall again before next charge. This can be done until the Warthog has been killed. Avoid hanging on the wall for too long, or the Warthog will run away.

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A melee weapon can be used between the Warthog's charge attacks and, if timed correctly while sidestepping, during its charge. Each charge is telegraphed by its stomping, and if the charge is initiated while the player is close, then the Warthog generally does not go far and is immediately vulnerable from behind. To initially close the distance, either backpedal when it starts stomping so that you are closer to the end of its charge, or have the Warthog charge into a nearby obstacle.

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Early Access
Update 9 Warthog added to the game.