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The Vasagatan shipwreck is an Environmental Element in Raft, which contains both the Blueprint: Engine and Blueprint: Steering Wheel, as well as loose Plastic, Scrap, and several Loot Boxes with supplies.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Balboa Note.png

The wreck is situated in a small lagoon, located by following the receiver coordinates found in the Radio Tower. Access to the interior of the ship is via the rear.

The interior is composed of many rooms, most containing supplies. In addition to regular supplies, you will also find several unique items. The wreck also is home to several Lurkers. You may also find many notes, which explain the story behind the ship and its wreckage in more detail.

The blueprints for the Engine and Steering Wheel are in the wheelhouse at the top of the ship, access being provided by finding all the unique items. The wheelhouse will also contain a set of Receiver coordinates to Balboa Island.

On top of the wheelhouse, the player will find another Loot Box. In a single player game, it's hard to reach it but on PC you can jump up easily by locking your framerate to 30 FPS. Some players reported that it's possible. In a multiplayer game, it's much easier to reach the Loot Box. One player just needs to jump on the other and then on the roof of the wheelhouse.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Due to its size and layout nature, it can take a few in-game days to fully explore the wreck. It is recommended to bring supplies to explore the ship:

  • Head Light - The interior of the ship is dark. Head Lights allow you to see. At least 2 units are recommended, as one may not last long enough to complete exploration.
  • Weapons - There are several Lurkers in the ship. They can respawn frequently, even if you just travel up and down the ship.
  • Water - While you may find several crates containing food, you will have to bring your own water.
  • Food - Several crates found should contain food, but be sure to bring your own supply in case they are insufficient.

Unique Items[edit | edit source]

The unique items contained in the wreck are used to progress past locked doors and obstacles, eventually leading to the top.

  • Mechanical Component.png Mechanical Components - Used to build the Car Jack.png Car Jack. Two may be found outside the ship, on each side of the lagoon.
  • BulletinBottle.png Bullet - Bomb part.
  • Electrical Wires.png Electrical Wires - Bomb part.
  • Lighter.png Lighter - Bomb part.
  • Gas Tank.png Gas Tank - Bomb part.
  • Crowbar.png Crowbar - Used to open the door in the engine room.
  • Recorder.png Recorder - Used to transcribe tapes found around the ship.
  • Bolt Cutter.png Bolt Cutter - Used to open a locker in a room on the lowest deck.
  • Four Digit Code.png Four Digit Code - Used to open the safe in Bedroom 3.
  • Red Key.png Red, Green Key.png Green, Blue Key.png Blue Keys - Each key corresponds to a locked door.
  • Key Card.png Key Card - Used to open door to study.
  • Car Jack.png Car Jack - Used to open access to room blocked by metal cabinet. Assembled from five Mechanical Components.
  • Bomb.png Bomb - Used to open door to wheelhouse at top of ship. Assembled from Bullet, Gas Can, Lighter, and Electrical Wires.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Vasagatan" is the street name of Redbeet Interactive's studio. It is named after a previous king, Gustav I of Sweden (Gustav Vasa), who was the reigning king in the mid 15th century. As such, the street would translate to "Vasa Street" in English.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Access
Update 10 Vasagatan added to the game.

Gallery[edit | edit source]