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Varuna Point
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Story location?
Yes. 1st location of the Third Chapter
Points of interests

Varuna Point is Environmental Element in Raft. It is the first location players will visit in The Final Chapter.


Varuna Point is the sixth location the player visits while following the main game Story. There are 2 half submerged tall buildings under construction that are not finished due to unknown circumstances. Over time, the ruins of the building became inhabited by various jellyfish species and Anglerfish, while on the surface, lurkers appeared. Deep inside the foundations of one of the skyscrapers lives the Rhino Shark that is present as the second Boss Enemy that players will encounter. It is the first boss that is forced/unskippable.


Varuna Point is full of parkour and lurkers. An Oxygen Bottle and Flippers are highly recommended as players will spend the majority of their time here underwater.

In the water are various oxygen vents that emit bubbles where players can replenish oxygen without having to resurface.

To begin, the player will find two spotlights underwater between the two buildings, one of which will need to be repaired with four spotlight parts. The working spotlight closer to the surface occasionally shines a light on an opening in the building, which is blocked by jellyfish. When the light moves onto the jellyfish, they will temporarily move aside, giving the player a chance to move inside. The player will then explore the inside of the flooded building over several floors where the four spotlight parts can be found.

The four spotlight parts are then used on the broken spotlight, which opens up the central tunnel that was once covered by jellyfish. This allows access to the next area, which has been booby-trapped by The Grabber, a character that once inhabited Varuna Point. This next area has various traps, with tripwires and boards with spikes on them, which will inflict constant damage if touched. Making their way through this gauntlet, the player will find the Grabber's home, where they will find the Motherload Key as well as a note foreshadowing a boss fight.

The player will then swim further down until they reach a door where the Motherlode Key can be used. The player will then come face to face with the Rhino Shark, the second boss mob in the game. The Rhino Shark cannot be damaged by conventional weapons. Instead, players must bait the shark into ramming into support pillars, which leaves a spot to place an Explosive Barrel. When the shark hits the explosive barrel, it opens up a opening to swim into the next area. This must be done three times, with the pillar requiring more hits on every level. Make sure it hits the cement part of the pillar otherwise it won't break.

On the top floor once the shark hits the last barrel in the pillar it will be defeated, granting the player the Steam achievement "Explosive Force!". The player will then enter a small office where they will find the crane key on a table near the whiteboard. After moving up the building through some pipes, where several Lurkers can be found, the Crane Key is used in the crane cabin. Players should also look around higher up the crane, as blueprints and supplies can be found. Once the Crane Key is used, a large bundle of rocks will be dropped into the other building, which the player will zipline to.

Going deeper into the damaged building, players will find more loot and blueprints in the room at the bottom, as well as the code to the next location, Temperance.

Collecting all 7 notes grants the achievement "Varuna Point Historian!"

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Vuruna underwater