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Utopia is a foreshadowed Environmental location in Raft.


Utopia is a currently inaccessible but hinted at location in the lore of Raft. Currently, all that is known about the location comes from a whiteboard found in the Radio Tower's control room.

The Whiteboard[]

Following can be read on the whiteboard:

  1. On March 23 of 2020, Scientists predict that all ice on Earth will melt in two years.
  2. By October 16 in 2023, Australia is completely underwater.
  3. By February 20 in 2028, a picture of Earth heavily flooded is portrayed.
  • It includes a picture captioned "UTOPIA?" rumored to be safe and populated.
  • Utopia appears to be a mostly submerged in water, futuristic city.
  • The whiteboard estimates the location of Utopia, but no context for the hints are given.