Update 9/Annoucement

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Update 9/Annoucement
Official name
The Domesticated Update
Release date
February 7, 2019

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It is finally time to release what we have been working on for so long! This update is a big milestone in what we knew Raft could be, and we are super excited to share it with you all! Check out this video for an overview of the new features and read on for more details:

For the longest time, you have been left with no choice but to survive the oceans all alone. Your raft has been void of friendly life (except for the occasional human. Urgh!). But that is about to come to an end! You can now find and bring fluffy, cute animals onto your raft to accompany you on your journey! Apart from being a companion, these animals also provide renewable resources for further adventure. The new animals are the Llama, Goat and Clucker, which produce Wool, Milk and Eggs respectively.

Update 9 - 1.png

The Net Launcher

In order to get these animals to your raft you will of course have to catch them somehow. Seeing as they are quite fast, you will need something that quickly launches a net. That is where the Net Launcher (suitable name, I know) comes in handy. Combine some pipes, an old oil can, and explosive powder - and you’re ready to make some nets fly!

Update 9 - 2.jpg

Grass Plots

In order to make sure your animals are comfortable and are kept fed on your Raft, you will need to invest in some grass plots. Without them your animals will not have anything to eat and will eventually perish! These are placeable squares that connect together to form a neat seamless field. Add a bit of water and Boom! You got yourself a lush meadow!

Update 9 - 3.gif

To craft grass plots, you want to gather some Dirt from the large islands. This is done using the new Shovel!

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The Warthog

A new enemy has landed on the large islands. While the Warthog is a big beast, you do not want to mistake it for a slow one. You will need to be on your toes to avoid his tusks!

Update 9 - 5.png

Apart from gaining its head and the accompanied glory, killing a Warthog also yields leather, which is useful in the crafting of…

Armor and Backpack

With the leather from a warthog and the wool from a llama, one can craft a number of things. The first of those includes armor and a backpack. These are not simply fashion accessories, but actually lets you carry more and protects you in a fight. Update 9 - 6.jpg

Healing Salve

Seeing as the Clucker now produces eggs, the Seagull no longer drop these, which was a necessary balance adjustment to make sure eggs would not be available in abundance. Eggs are now also an ingredient when crafting Healing Salve. Healing Salve is a quicker way to heal if you do not feel like waiting too long.

Update 9 - 7.gif

Apart from introducing all of the above, this update also brings a lot of systems that will greatly help us in adding more content in the future! Ground and raft AI movement, tiling build system and the armor system are just a few of the systems which took a lot of work getting set up but are now ready to be utilized more!

Oh! And we also added some visuals for the Flippers and Oxygen Bottle.

Update 9 - 8.png


  • Added three tameable animals, the Llama, Goat and Clucker.
  • Added six rare skins to the new animals.
  • Added Item Name Tag.
  • Added a new enemy, the Warthog.
  • Added four new tools, the Net Gun, Shovel, Shear and Bucket.
  • Added item Net Canister.
  • Added usable item Healing Salve.
  • Added placeable item Grass Plot.
  • Added two buildables, Wood Gate and Thatch Gate.
  • Added item Dirt on large islands.
  • Added five equipable items, Boar head, Leather Helmet, Leather Greaves, Leather Body Armor and Backpack.
  • Added models for Flippers and Oxygen bottle.
  • Added unique models for all meals made in the cooking pot.
  • Added items Explosive Goo and Explosive Powder.
  • Added 5 new in-game soundtracks.

  • Fixed a bug where Korean, Chinese and Japanese was not writable in chat or on signs.
  • Fixed a bug where hook UI stayed on screen when leaving water in 3rd Person mode.
  • Fixed a bug where it sometimes look like your food disappear when the cooking pot ran out of fuel.
  • Fixed a bug where Bruce started to do a spin dance.
  • Fixed a bug where you ended up below bed when entering during crouch.
  • Fixed an issue with achievements not triggering properly.

We really hope you enjoy this update!

Until next time!


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