Update 9.05

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Update 9.05
Release date
May 22, 2019

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Update 9.05 is an small update/patch for Raft released on May 22, 2019.[1]

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Bug where joining a friend with a big raft could cause the player to get stuck on a black screen
  • Bug where sails could sometimes be wrongly rotated when joining a friends raft
  • Bug where boar could sometimes not be picked up due to hitbox issues
  • Particles no longer show up in weird places after changing FOV
  • Roofs can now be built on top of open doors
  • Changed some localization
  • Sprinkler particles was flying through walls and floors. The water particles now collide with blocks.
  • Visiting the new boat landmark no longer gives the wrong achievement. Meaning that "O Captain! My Captain!?" achievement can now be achieved.
  • "Aye Aye Captain!" achievement now properly works.

References[edit | edit source]

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