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Update 5
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Official name
Update 5
Release date
July 26, 2018

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Update 5 is an update for Raft released on July 26, 2018.



Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a Shark Head Duplication bug.
  • Fixed a bug making it so you didn't get seeds from planted food (watermelon and pineapple)
  • Fixed QuickBuild placing multiple doors inside each other.
  • You can no longer hook an item and jump in the water for infinite durability on the hook.
  • Smelter should not have collider active when being placed.
  • The game no longer loads your items twice upon loading into a world.


  • Update 5 succeeds Update 1.03 seemingly leaving out an update. There are two first version updates, Update 1.01b being an addition to the first update. As such, Update 5 is the fifth update.