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Update 13.01
Official name
Update 13.01
Release date
June 24, 2021
◀◀ Update 13 Version 1.0 ▶▶

Update 13.01 is a hotfix update for Raft, released June 24, 2021.



  • Building blocks can now be replaced for a different material (wood, solid wood, thatch) using the building hammer.
  • Half window block now has a cost instead of being free to build.
  • Slanted solid wood ceilings adjusted to no longer clip through above floors.
  • Removing a table with a storage on it now returns the items in the storage as well.
  • Diagonal slanted ceilings can now be rotated in 90 degree increments instead of 180.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Storages dissapearing when removing something else.
  • Zipline cancel dragging had wrong text.
  • Half ladders had wrong rotation.
  • Picking up research table did not return item in research slot.
  • Being able to fly when entering chair from a ladder.