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UPDATE 10: "The First Chapter"

It is finally here, “The First Chapter” is now out! We have been teasing you for a while now and we can’t wait for you to finally explore the new locations and features for yourselves! We are not the only ones that are eager for your arrival however. The lurkers and the bears are impatiently waiting for you! If you want to know what else is coming with this update, keep reading below to find out!


We have two new destinations for you to discover. Beside these, we have also reworked the radio tower and the existing small islands.


Are there others out there? What happened? How did you end up on a raft? We have been working on the story and are releasing the first part of it with this update. You will unravel the history of the new locations while finding out how you ended up on that Raft.


With two new destinations comes two new enemies. Bears and lurkers are the inhabitants for these places.



A brand new system for finding islands. With the correct frequency, you will be able to both find and go back to any destinations!


You have asked, we are delivering!

Be the true captain of your raft, control the direction of your journey effectively with the steering wheel.


But no, steering wheel is not enough. We want you to be able to be in full control of your raft. Have you accidentally sailed the wrong way? No problem! Now with the engine, you can change the direction of your raft and go back.


However, there is a twist. For the engine to work, you will need biofuel. You can make this in biorefiner by using honey and raw food.


A new weapon! Might come handy when you are out exploring.


  • New Save System.
  • 2 new locations and reworked Radio Tower
  • 10 New Small Islands
  • 11 New Achievements
  • New Plantable Trees
  • New item: Pinecone
  • New item: Birch seed
  • New item: Biofuel tank
  • New item: Pipe
  • New item: Honey
  • New item: Biofuel
  • New item: Steering wheel
  • New item: Engine
  • New item: Biorefiner
  • New item: Raw & Cooked meat
  • New item: Machete
  • New item: Headlight
  • New enemies: Lurkers and Bears
  • Notebook: Lore
  • Puzzles/Obstacles
  • Receiver 2.0
  • Pipe System
  • Reset Key Bindings Button
  • Removed fog weather
  • Added loot animation when gathering resources from animals
  • Shark code reworked
  • Animals spawn in different sizes
  • New light system in caves
  • Reduced seagull health
  • Quest items available in notebook
  • Blueprints are now added to research table automatically when added to a players inventory. You no longer need to research the blueprint inside the research table


  • Screecher should no longer one shot players
  • Optimized network code for animals
  • You can no longer interact with items while carrying animals
  • Reworked some places that players got stuck in
  • Potentially fixed: Dropped item floating in air
  • Shark no longer swims through walls, should no longer bite metal foundations
  • Can no longer capture an animal with netgun that is already dead
  • Camera no longer gets stuck when placing stuff and holding R to rotate while moving
  • Removed a lot of colliders from building parts which should increase performance a bit
  • Hats are now visible when nocliping in creative mode
  • FOV slider no longer stretches character arms
  • Clients did not always get achievements for killing screecher and warthog
  • Sometimes players could not spawn animals in creative mode
  • You can no longer pickup items through walls
  • A bunch of localization fixes, more minor fixes and improvements

We hope you will enjoy Update 10 as much as we enjoyed making it!

//Raft HQ