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Update 1.01b
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Official name
Update 1.01b
Release date
June 1, 2018

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Update 1.01b is an update for Raft released on June 1st, 2018.


Half Wall
  • It is possible to build them next to inverted roofs.
Shark Bait
  • They are now craftable in creative mode.
Inverted Roof Corner
  • Now have a cost.



  • Black paint color adjusted to look less green.
Shark heads
  • No longer possible to have 5 of them in an equipment slot.
Throwable anchor
  • No longer possible to pick up throwable anchor, while hook or fishing rod is in use.


Debris, abandoned rafts and islands
  • No longer spawn in creative to increase building performance. [note 1]


  • The system to select frame rate limit has been reworked
  • Sensitivity slider range has been changed from 0-5 to 0.1-20
Main menu
  • Adjusted to better support 21:9 aspect ratio.
Collider system
  • Removed from Creative


  • Bug, where some people would lose their inventory and/or get a black screen with only UI when joining a friend, should now be resolved.
  • Bug, where rain was visible under water, should now be resolved.
  • Changed typo from 'further' to 'farther'.
  • Changed typo from 'reciever' to 'receiver'.
  • Being stuck after dying on the chair should now be resolved.
  • Removed two instances of inventory duplication bugs.
  • Removed two bugs where you could get stuck in the storage UI.


  1. Islands spawn even in this update