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Trees are Environmental objects in Raft.


Trees are objects that can be found on Islands or Tangaroa and felled in order to receive Planks. To fell a tree, simply hit it with a Stone Axe or Metal Axe. There are currently six types of Trees in the game, two of which are found on Tropical Biome Islands, two are found on Evergreen Biome Islands, one is found on Caravan Island, and the last is found on Tangaroa. The tropical trees consist of Mango Trees, Palm Trees and Banana Plants that drop Mangoes, Coconuts and Bananas respectively, as well as Palm Leaves. The evergreen trees are Birch Trees and Pine Trees, which do not yield anything besides Planks and seeds. On Caravan Island, the player can find Acacia Trees, which yield only Planks, but no seeds, whereas they cannot be grown on the Raft.

The trees have each their own yields. Mango Trees always yield both Palm Leaves, Planks and a Mango, where Palm Trees always yield Planks and Palm Leaves, and has a chance of dropping Coconuts. Both Birch Trees and Pine Trees always yield seven planks and are therefor the better option, if the player is looking to farm for Planks.


All potential drops from Trees can be seen in the table below. All trees have a predefined yield indicated by Drop #1 - Drop #3 (will always drop), as well as a chance of dropping their respective seed. Lastly, some trees have a chance for additional drops; most of these being extra fruits from fruit trees.

Tree Drop #1 Drop #2 Drop #3 Seed Drop chance Chance per chop Growing time
Palm Tree 5xPlank.png 2xPalm Leaf.png - 11.8% 17.6% Coconut.png 12
Mango Tree 3xPlank.png 2xPalm Leaf.png 1xMango.png 14.3% 14.3% Mango.png 10
Birch Tree 7xPlank.png - - 13.5% - 15
Pine Tree 7xPlank.png - - 13.5% - 15
Banana Plant 4xPlank.png 2xBanana.png - 28.6% 28.6% Banana.png 12
Acacia Tree 4xPlank.png - - - 20% Plank.png -
Tangaroa Tree 3xPlank.png 3xPalm Leaf.png - - -


  • Can be chopped down with an axe.