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Treasure Hunting is the act of hunting for treasure with the Metal Detector in Raft.


Treasure Hunting is a method of looking for treasures, gathering rare Materials and earning Achievements. With the help of the Metal Detector and a Shovel, players can explore Islands to uncover collectibles and resources. This is currently one of the two only ways to find Titanium Ore, the other being searching rooms in Tangaroa skyscrapers. Titanium is needed for making Large Storages, Electric Purifiers, Battery Chargers, Engine Controls, and Water Tanks.

There is a specified number of treasures available per island type.

The quality of the found treasure varies from poor to high quality. The poorest quality treasure is indicated by a pile of trash, the medium quality by a suitcase and the high quality by a combination safe. On rare occasions, the player may instead find a Tiki Piece. There are a total for four different Tiki Pieces that each have their own colors and facial expression.

Treasure Contents[]

Each type of treasure has a specified array of items, as well as the number of items looted per treasure. When looting a treasure, the game first decides on the amount of items, and then rolls that number of items on the list. Acquiring a specific item does not prevent it from being drawn again, meaning the player can get multiple of the same item. This means that the player may get lucky and receive multiple rare items from a single treasure.

Pile of Junk[]

Holds 10-14 items with a 42.5% appearance rate.

Item Drop Chance
Nothing * 17.6%
Plank.png Plank 23.5%
Scrap.png Scrap 17.6%
Rope.png Rope 17.6%
Plastic.png Plastic 11.8%
Copper.png Copper 5.9%
Metal Ore.png Metal Ore 5.9%


Holds 1x Titanium Ore.png Titanium Ore and 4-6 items with a 30% appearance rate.

Item Drop Chance
Nothing * 8.3%
Scrap.png Scrap 16.7%
Glass.png Glass 12.5%
Bolt.png Bolt 12.5%
Hinge.png Hinge 12.5%
Vine Goo.png Vine Goo 12.5%
Titanium Ore.png Titanium Ore 8.3%
Metal Ore.png Metal Ore 6.3%
Copper.png Copper 6.3%
After the Rain.pngDeveloper Paintings 4.2%


Holds 3x Titanium Ore.png Titanium Ore and 4-6 items with a 20% appearance rate.

Item Drop Chance
Nothing * 9.3%
Glass.png Glass 14.0%
Bolt.png Bolt 14.0%
Hinge.png Hinge 14.0%
Leather.png Leather 9.3%
Biofuel.png Biofuel 9.3%
Explosive Powder.png Explosive Powder 9.3%
Titanium Ore.png Titanium Ore 9.3%
Classical Cassette.pngCassette Tapes 4.7% (25% for each tape)
After the Rain.pngDeveloper Paintings 4.7%
Toy Robot.png Toy Robot 2.3% (rolls between Toy Robot and Golden Toy Robot)

* The chance of a single roll not dropping anything. This means that despite rolling six items, a player may receive fewer because one of the items rolled as "nothing".
Does not include the Elevator Cassette or Trading Post Cassette.
Once a Toy Robot has been rolled on the initial loot table, the regular Toy Robot has a 94.8% drop chance, while the Golden Toy Robot has a 5.2% drop chance.

Tiki Piece[]

Holds one of the four Tiki Pieces with a 7.5% appearance rate.

Item Drop Chance
Tiki Piece 1 Tiki Piece 1 25%
Tiki Piece 2 Tiki Piece 2 25%
Tiki Piece 3 Tiki Piece 3 25%
Tiki Piece 4 Tiki Piece 4 25%


Early Access
Update 12 Treasure Hunting added to the game.