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Tools is the third section of the Crafting Menu.


There are a variety of Tools available in Raft that allow for a variety of actions. These tools are vital to the survival of the player character.

List of Tools[]

Item Description Required Materials
Building Hammer
Building Hammer.png Building Hammer Useful for expanding your raft. 4xPlank.png, 2xRope.png
Plastic Hook.png Plastic Hook Use this amazing item to catch debris floating by in the ocean! 1xPlank.png, 2xPlastic.png
Scrap Hook.png Scrap Hook This is basically the same as the plastic hook but better. It's faster, more durable and can be thrown farther. 6xScrap.png, 2xRope.png, 4xPlank.png, 1xBolt.png
Titanium Hook.png Titanium Hook The ultimate hook for any rafter. 4xPlank.png, 2xRope.png, 1xBolt.png, 3xTitanium Ingot.png
Stone Axe.png Stone Axe Used for chopping down trees and removing raft parts. 6xPlank.png, 3xStone.png, 2xRope.png
Metal Axe.png Metal Axe A more durable and faster axe compared to its predecessor. 8xPlank.png, 2xScrap.png, 4xRope.png, 1xBolt.png
Titanium Axe.png Titanium Axe A sturdy axe that let you chop down even more trees. 8xPlank.png, 2xRope.png, 2xBolt.png, 2xTitanium Ingot.png
Fishing Rods
Wooden Fishing Rod.png Wooden Fishing Rod Get some Fish! 6xPlank.png, 8xRope.png
Metal Fishing Rod.png Metal Fishing Rod Sturdier and a bit more professional. 3xScrap.png, 1xBolt.png, 8xRope.png
Shears.png Shears Cuts Wool extremely well. 1xMetal Ingot.png, 1xHinge.png, 2xScrap.png
Shovel.png Shovel Useful to obtain dirt. 1xMetal Ingot.png, 1xBolt.png, 6xPlank.png
Binoculars.png Binoculars See farther! 2xEmpty Bottle.png, 1xBolt.png, 4xGlass.png, 4xRope.png
Shark Bait
Shark Bait.png Shark Bait Keep the Shark busy! 2xRope.png, ≤2xRaw Herring.png, ≤2xRaw Pomfret.png
Sweep Net
Sweep Net.png Sweep Net Useful for catching bugs. 15xPlank.png, 6xRope.png, 2xVine Goo.png, 1xBolt.png
Firework.png Firework Can be painted when placed on the raft. 1xExplosive Powder.png, 5xPlank.png, 10xPlastic.png
Metal Detector
Metal Detector.png Metal Detector Helpful for finding precious metal. Bring a shovel! 12xPlastic.png, 6xScrap.png, 1xBattery.png