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Former Glory!

Tiki Piece is a Miscellaneous item in Raft.


Tiki Pieces are decoration items for the raft, acquired through Treasure Hunting. Each piece has a different appearance, and stacking each unique piece in a specific order unlocks the Former Glory achievement.


There are a total of four unique pieces, each with a different icon. There are multiple ways to determine the order in which the pieces need to be placed:

  • Examine the mouth for teeth and a tongue. From bottom to top: (1) both top and bottom teeth; (2) top teeth only, with a tongue; (3) bottom teeth only; (4) top teeth only, no tongue.
  • If not colorblind:
    • Examine the color of the lips. From bottom to top: red, cyan, yellow, green.
    • Examine the color of the nose. From bottom to top: orange, yellow, red, cyan.
    • Examine the soul patch. From bottom to top: blue, white, green with a tongue touching, green without a tongue touching.
  • Look at the hair and goatee. If the hair is not rectangular (but instead multiple colors) it's the top piece. If the goatee is not rectangular (it looks like a leaf), it's the bottom piece. The bottom piece, Tiki Piece 4, has a green rectangle in the middle of its head, which matches with the green goatee of Tiki Piece 3. Tiki Piece 3 has a white rectangular hairpiece, which matches with Tiki Piece 2's goatee. Tiki Piece 2 has blue "hair" that matches Tiki Piece 1's goatee.
Tiki Piece 1 Tiki Piece 1 (top)
Tiki Piece 2 Tiki Piece 2
Tiki Piece 3 Tiki Piece 3
Tiki Piece 4 Tiki Piece 4 (bottom)


  • Used to decorate the raft.
  • When stacked in the proper order, the player will unlock the Steam Achievement Former Glory!.

After Being Stacked[]

  • The Tiki Pieces are placed together into a new item called Tiki Pole.
  • On the back of the Tiki Pole a Tiki Mask is spawned.


Early Access
Update 12 Tiki Pieces added to the game.