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Lets you anchor your raft. Can only be used once.

Throwable Anchor is a Navigation item in Raft.


The player can use the anchor by putting it on the side of a Foundation, then use the anchor by clicking the use button on it and throwing it into the water.


  • Used to immobilize the raft.
  • Can only be used once.

Known Bugs[]

  • In update 5 throwing this anchor onto an island used to cause the player's raft to lift into the air for a short period of time. Fixed in update 6.
  • There is also a chance that the raft may rotate up to angles of 90 degrees, however this bug is clientside and may not be seen by all players in a world.
  • If the above bug happens there is a chance any affected players may be treated as being underwater, even if on their screen they are not. This means you can suffocate, and oxygen tanks do work if this happens.


Early Access
Update 1 Throwable Anchor added to the game.