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Threats are hostile, almost always deadly entities in Raft.


Threats pose a risk to the player. Some threats, namely enemies, actively attack the player, while other threats consist of disrupting Farming (usually Seagulls) or present themselves as obstacles while exploring.

Hostile animals[]

Enemy Damage Health Location
Bear.png Bear 15-20 100 Evergreen Biome
Bee Swarm.png Bee Swarm 5 N/A Evergreen Biome, Caravan Island
Butler Bot.png Butler Bot 12 60 Tangaroa
Lurker Head.png Lurker 10-15 30/50 Vasagatan, Tangaroa, Varuna Point
Mama Bear.png Mama Bear 50 750 Balboa Island
Mudhog.png Mudhog 15 45 Desert Biome
Poison-Puffer.png Poison-Puffer 5-20 40 Tropical Biome and Desert Biome
Screecher.png Screecher 35 100 Tropical Biome
Seagull.png Seagull Does not attack player 10 Ocean
Shark.png Shark 30 150 Ocean
Warthog.png Warthog 20 90 Tropical Biome
White Screecher.png White Screecher 15 60 Caravan Island
Anglerfish Head.png Anglerfish 60 Varuna Point and Temperance
Rhino Shark Trophy.png Rhino Shark N/A Varuna Point
Scuttler.png Scuttler 45 Temperance
Polar Bear.png Polar Bear 120 Temperance and Arctic Biome
Hyena.png Hyena 65 Utopia
Alpha.png Alpha 620 Utopia

Can only be caught with a Sweep Net.
Does not take damage from Weapons.