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[[File:{{{1}}}.png|35px|link={{{1}}}]] [[{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]

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This template will insert a clickable Icon including the Page Link of Raft Material with 35px size which links to the Material Page.

Instead of typing
[[File:Wool.png|35px|link=Wool]] [[Wool]]
you just have to type

Example 1

The code {{ItemText|Wool}} will produce this Icon: Wool.png Wool

Example 2

It can be used to quickly mention the required materials for an craftable item:
To craft a Simple Bed.png Simple Bed you need 10x Palm Leaf.png Palm Leaf, 6x Plank.png Plank, 4x Plastic.png Plastic and 3x Nail.png Nail.

Example 3

To also change the display text use {{ItemText|Wool|Cookie}} which will produce the wool icon, but show Cookie as text: Wool.png Nail This is helpful when using the template in translated pages.

The above was transcluded from Template:ItemText/doc