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[[File:{{{1}}}.png|35px|link={{{1}}}]] [[{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]

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This template will insert a clickable Icon including the Page Link of Raft Material with 35px size which links to the Material Page.

Instead of typing
[[File:Wool.png|35px|link=Wool]] [[Wool]]
you just have to type

Example 1

The code {{ItemText|Wool}} will produce this Icon: Wool.png Wool

Example 2

It can be used to quickly mention the required materials for an craftable item:
To craft a Simple Bed.png Simple Bed you need 10x Palm Leaf.png Palm Leaf, 6x Plank.png Plank, 4x Plastic.png Plastic and 3x Nail.png Nail.

Example 3

To also change the display text use {{ItemText|Wool|Cookie}} which will produce the wool icon, but show Cookie as text: Wool.png Nail This is helpful when using the template in translated pages.


Allows to insert item image with a name of the item. It is used as complete replacement for all links to items.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Item name1

Specifies what item is used

Display item's name2

Changes the link text to display different text, then the page

Amount of the itemamount

Replacement for adding a text after the item

File Formatf

Changes the default file format


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