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Temperance is an Environment Location in Raft. It is the second area players visit in The Final Chapter, after Varuna Point.


Temperance is the seventh location the player visits while following the main game Story. It is located in a polar climate, and consists of a very large island where icebergs and ice caps surround the area, making navigation for large rafts difficult. Temperance is also the first location with Polar Bears. Since it is located in the polar regions, it does not have any natural resources, resulting in the Metal Detector, Shovel, Net Launcher, and Sweep Net not being useful. Temperance is very expansive, making traversal slow. There are multiple snowmobiles parked around the island for players to use, which can help players get around easier.

Temperance has several notable locations, such as the Igloo Village ("Moon Village") an Observatory, two underground bunkers, and the main point of interest, the Selene Research Facility.


To facilitate moving around the vast land, there are multiple snowmobiles scattered around Temperance, sheltered in small metal garages. Should the snowmobile become stuck, players can remove it in a similar manner to removing items on the raft. Doing so will send the snowmobile back to its respective garage. Snowmobiles can only be driven on Temperance and Arctic Islands; attempting to drive one onto the raft will prevent it from moving.

Points of Interest[]

  • Selene Research Facility
    • This area cannot be entered until you have obtained the Blowtorch and the Selene Key.
    • This location is full of toxic miasma. Make sure you grab a hazmat suit whenever they are available as they are only temporary.
    • You have to move quickly through the first room. There are three computers. Each need a different number that corresponds with the two letters on the screen. The Numbers can be found on select posters throughout the three rooms. There is a time limit once the first computer is done. This will open the door to the next area. Make sure to grab the first rod on your way!
    • In the next area there is a long twisting hallway. Find the door across from the hazmat suits. Don a suit and grab your weapon.
    • Open the door and head down the ladder. Watch your back for mutant bugs! At the end of the hall before the turn twist the red wheel and go get a new suit.
    • Go up the ladder and follow the path. Don't forget to grab the second rod in the middle room! In this room you have to go to the far wall and turn on the laser. Be careful! This laser can hurt you. Good news is you can just crouch underneath. Move the mirror to aim the laser beam at the control panel and break it. This will open the door.
    • Redbeet Interactive-Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon.png
      Ok so you have to break another panel. Same concept with the previous room. Move the mirrors and get the laser to break it.
    • Enter the final room to pick up the last rod. Go through the last door and put them all in.
    • Seeing how that would be too easy. The player now has to go down and put them all in manually. This means going down beneath your feet. There are a ton of bugs down here. Kill what you can and keep going back for a hazmat refill. These bugs are impervious to arrows so you have to hit them with a close up weapon. Turn all three of the red wheels and the reactor will cool, clear the poison and open a door.
    • Enter the last room of the Research center. At the end there's a computer with the coordinates to Utopia. On the left wall is a blinking computer. Use it to unlock Shogo.
  • Heather Station Observatory
    • When approaching the ground will shake. Make sure you have flippers and and an oxygen bottle.
    • When you get to the top, observe the notes collected on the previous floors to solve the puzzle.
    • Take the Selene Key out of the locker. As well as some tokens and a blueprint.
  • Moontown (Glass Igloos)
    • In order to open these, you need to visit the various radio towers to get cables. Then connect them to some of the buildings to open the doors.
    • At the very top floor of the middle/ biggest building is the blowtorch.
  • Radio Towers
    • All are guarded by Polar Bears. To defeat these, deploy the usual hit and dash. When defeated, pull the cables from the tower and move to the next one!
  • Snowmobile Garages
    • These are everywhere. Literally everywhere. They are very difficult to drive as there is a delay and they go very fast! They are marked by a little red flag.
  • Bunkers
    • One is located near the entrance to Moontown near where the power connections start
    • Second is located between the Observatory and the ice tunnel in the center of the map. Take the left path leading away from the observatory through the valley.
    • Both are filled with a poison miasma. Since there are no masks for filtering, wait until you've completed to Selene Facility. The miasma will clear and you can go in. These areas are mostly good for resources and are where you can find a majority of the islands titanium ore.
    • Additionally, there is a third cache located between Moontown and Selence Research Facility that can be accessed as soon as you reach Temperance by jumping a snowmobile onto the pillar with two arches on top of it.

Unique Items[]




Full Release
Version 1.0 Temperance was added to the game.


A GameClamTM from wyaneradiotv's streams can be found on the map.