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The Tangaroa Tree is an Environment object in Raft.


A Tangaroa Tree.

Tangaroa Trees are found in Tangaroa's Main City Area. When chopped down with an Axe, it will always yield three Planks and three Palm Leaves. The Tangaroa Tree can be found in abundance on Tangaroa, and respawns with each visit to the island after it has been reset. This makes it an exceptionally good source of Planks and Palm Leaves, as the Trees don't need to be planted or grown by the player. There are more than 80 trees on Tangaroa, requiring 5 Metal Axes to fell but yielding over 12 stacks of Planks and 12 stacks of Palm Leaves.

The Tangaroa Tree is felled in six Axe swings, and does not drop any seeds, which means it cannot be planted on the player raft.

Chop Yields[]

Chop 1: Plank.png x1
Chop 2: Palm Leaf.png x1
Chop 3: Palm Leaf.png x1
Chop 4: Plank.png x1
Chop 5: Palm Leaf.png x1
Chop 6: Plank.png x1