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Tangaroa City from above.

Tangaroa is an Environment location in Raft. It is the second and last location introduced in the Second Chapter.


Tangaroa City is a massive location that consists of a metallic, circular foundation topped by a hexagonal-patterned glass and metal dome. Inside the dome is a complete city, full of apartment buildings that can be explored, shops such as a barber or hamburger restaurant, and a new type of enemy: the Butler Bot. The city is the most complex location in the game by far, both in terms of the amount of intricate places to explore and puzzles to solve.

To be completed, the city requires being explored pretty much in full, as well as backtracking to previously visited locations with newfound supplies. Also, for the first time, a location in the game offers the possibility to restock on vital supplies like water or food, without having to go back to the raft, via a vending machines service that uses Vending Machine Tokens, thus allowing for longer exploration sessions.

There are 10 journal notes here.

Areas of the City[]

One of Tangaroa's underground tunnels; note the signs leading the player to different rooms.

Tangaroa from above, inside the dome.


  • Bring food and water in abundance. The city is huge and exploring the apartments will take a long time. Cooking Pot produced foods are recommended, as well as at least two Water Bottles. A Backpack is highly useful here as it provides more inventory slots thereby limiting the need for returning to the raft.
  • Armor is not strictly necessary as there are not that many enemies and they can be dispatched quickly and from a distance. The most dangerous enemies are the Butler Bots, but they can be dodged by sprinting sideways.
  • Don't bring a Metal Detector or Shovel, as there are no digging spots in the city.
  • If possible, open all of the exits of the dome. This will allow for an easier entry into the city if the player comes back after leaving it, no matter the angle they approach from.
  • As with other locations, it is highly recommended to explore during the day and bring a Head Light for the dark areas.

Unique Items[]






Early Access
Update 12 Tangaroa City added to the game.