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There are a variety of Sustenance items available in Raft that allow the player to prevent death from Hunger or Thirst.


Sustenance items are consumable items that will satiate the player's Hunger and Thirst levels, making them very important from day one. They come in the form of food items and drinkable water.

List of Sustenance

Raw Food Hunger Thirst Obtained from Cooked Food Hunger Required Grill
Raw Beet.png Rohe Rübe 10 0 In Barrels or grown in plots Cooked Beet.png Gekochte Rübe 15 Simple Grill
Raw Potato.png Rohe Kartoffel 10 0 In Barrels or grown in plots Cooked Potato.png Gekochte Kartoffel 15 Simple Grill
Silver Algae.png Silberalge 10 0 Underwater around large islands --- --- ---
Cave Mushroom.png Höhlenpilz 10 0 In caves on large islands --- --- ---
Coconut.png Kokosnuss 7.5 17.5 From Palm Trees/de|Palmenbaum --- --- ---
Pineapple.png Ananas 15 17 From Ananas-Pflanze --- --- ---
Watermelon.png Wassermelone 5 (x2) 25 (x2) From Wassermelonen-Pflanze --- --- ---
Mango.png Mango 17 15 From Mangobaum --- --- ---
Red Berries.png Rote Beeren 7 7 On large islands --- --- ---
Raw Shark Meat.png [[Raw Shark Meat/de|]] 20 -10 When killing the Shark Cooked Shark Meat.png Cooked Shark Meat 40 Simple Grill
Raw Herring.png Raw Herring 12.5 -10 From fishing Cooked Herring.png Cooked Herring 20 Simple Grill
Raw Pomfret.png Raw Pomfret 12.5 -10 From fishing Cooked Pomfret.png Cooked Pomfret 20 Simple Grill
Raw Mackerel.png Raw Mackerel 15 -10 From fishing Cooked Mackerel.png Cooked Mackerel 35 Simple Grill
Raw Tilapia.png Raw Tilapia 15 -10 From fishing Cooked Tilapia.png Cooked Tilapia 35 Simple Grill
Raw Catfish.png Raw Catfish 20 -10 From fishing Cooked Catfish.png Cooked Catfish 30 (x3) Advanced Grill
Raw Salmon.png Raw Salmon 20 -10 From fishing Cooked Salmon.png Cooked Salmon 30 (x3) Advanced Grill
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 20 0 From killing hostile animals Cooked Meat.png Cooked Meat 35 Simple Grill
Raw Drumstick.png Raw Drumstick 20 0 From killing the Seagull Cooked Drumstick.png Cooked Drumstick 35 Simple Grill
Bucket of Milk.png Bucket of Milk 0 + 10* 40 From Goats --- ---
Egg.png Egg 15 0 From Cluckers --- ---

* Bucket of Milk fills Bonus Hunger but not regular Hunger