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== Uses ==
== Uses ==
* Can be eaten to replenish some Hunger and Thirst.
* Can be eaten to replenish some Hunger and Thirst. As of 5/8/21, it would be wiser to eat potatoes and/or beets as opposed to strawberries. This is because you cannot plant strawberries for an extended period of time. For example, when planting potatoes and beets, you plant one and get two in return and can sustain yourself so long as your crop plots are protected. If you plant strawberries, you only get one seed in return and it's not a guarantee. This means you will run out of seeds after an extended period of planting, and therefore strawberries should only be planted for cosmetic purposes.
== History ==
== History ==
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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
<gallery mode="nolines">
<gallery mode="nolines">
File:Strawberry Plants in Small Crop Plot.png|Strawberry Plants in Small Crop Plot
Strawberry Plants in Small Crop Plot.png|thumb|Strawberry Plants in Small Crop Plot

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A great source for vitamin C.

Strawberry is a Sustenance item in Raft.


Strawberries can be only found on Tangaroa, where they are obtained from Strawberry Plants by harvesting them. They can be eaten to satiate a small amount of Hunger and Thirst. The Strawberry can only be planted via Strawberry Seeds in a Small Crop Plot.


  • Can be eaten to replenish some Hunger and Thirst.


Early Access
Update 12 Strawberry added to the game.