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The Storage Area is an Environment location on Tangaroa, and a location in Raft.


The Storage Area contains one of the puzzles of Tangaroa. The room is full of containers and a crane on top of them. To complete the puzzle, the player must have found three Generator Parts in the earlier areas, namely the Basement Area, which allows for the player to operate the crane controls.

Using the crane, the player must arrange the hollow containers in such a way that a path is created from where the player enters the room to the doorway marked "Surface Access". Containers can only be moved to adjacent empty spaces as they don't lift all the way to clear the neighboring ones, so care must be taken to build a path such that the player always has empty spaces to maneuver containers around. The initial empty spaces are in front of the storage access door, and there are two more right next to where the crane's initial position is.

The containers are marked with yellow-black striped lines, which indicate the direction the player can move through them. There is a secret room directly underneath the control platform for the crane that contains Titanium, food, and a Machete, along with other loot. Upon entering this secret room, the player gets the hidden Steam Achievement Boxed In!.

Beyond the crane puzzle is a room containing the Blueprint: Water Pipe and a surface access hatch. The room above has been flooded, and water will start spreading to the basement area once opened, which will stop any more Lurkers from spawning in the basement. The room above this hatch is completely inaccessible, and the ladder leading to it becomes unclimbable upon opening the hatch.

The Storage Area has now been flooded as well, allowing the player to reach a broken ladder leading to the Plantation Area.