Stationary Anchor

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Stationary Anchor
Lets you anchor your raft.
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Stationary Anchor is a Navigation item in Raft.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Stationary Anchor is an upgraded version of the Throwable Anchor and has no usage limit. To place the Stationary Anchor, the player must have a three by three vacated area on the raft with the middle Foundation taken out for the anchor to be able to move freely up and down. Once lowered, the anchor will keep the raft in place allowing the player to leave the raft without it drifting away.

The Stationary Anchor can be removed and placed in a new location. The Stationary Anchor can survive having a single foundation removed under its legs, but once two legs lose their Foundation the anchor is destroyed.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Can be placed on both Foundations and Collection Nets.
  • Used to anchor the raft.

Gallery[edit | edit source]