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Can purify one cup of saltwater into freshwater. Uses planks as fuel.
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It's better without the salt.
Food & Water

Simple Purifier is a Food/Water item in Raft.


Can purify one Cup of Saltwater into Fresh Water after 30 seconds. Uses Planks as fuel. One Plank lasts for 50 seconds.

The simple purifier makes use of a thermal desalination system. In the Simple Purifier, Salt Water is heated to the point where the water turns into its gaseous state but is immediately caught by the overhanging leaf. The water will cool and condense into small droplets of water that will trickle down into an Empty Cup. Because the vapor only carries on the water, the salt stays behind in the original container, meaning the contents of the now filled cup is free of salt and can therefore drink without issue.


These are all the steps requires to purify Salt Water:

  1. Place Planks in the purifier to fuel it.
  2. Fill an Empty Cup with saltwater.
  3. Empty the Cup of Saltwater into the purifier.
  4. Wait. When it is done, the planks will stop burning and some Fresh Water will appear in a cup below the leaf.
  5. Use an Empty Cup to scoop up the purified water.


Early Access
Update 1 Simple Purifier added to the game.