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Simple Collection Net Advanced Collection Net
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Automatically catches items that float into it.

The Simple Collection Net is an Other item in Raft.


When placed on the raft, the Simple Collection Net automatically catches items that float into it regardless of orientation or placement. As with Foundations, all outside sea-level blocks may be attacked by the Shark, so it is a strategical decision to not place the Collection Net on the outermost part of the raft if Foundation Armor can't yet be built. Other Foundations or nets cannot be placed besides a Simple Collection Net if there are no other blocks to support it. However, once placed, the Simple Collection Net will support other blocks and structures.

Simple Collection Nets hold up to 10 individual items. Any additional items that come within a filled net's proximity will float through.


  • Used to automatically gather Flotsam or any item that floats through its proximity.
  • Functions similarly to a Foundation piece as players can walk on it and even place some items on it.
  • Can be painted any colour with the Paint Brush.png Paint Brush.


  • Simple Collection Nets can be removed and relocated. This can be very useful early on if the raft changes direction, or if the player wants to quickly replace a better placed Collection Net that was destroyed by the Shark. If not empty before removal, the items inside will disappear.
  • Simple Collection Nets are most effective when placed along the longest edge of the raft and not necessarily the "front" of it. Items can float under the raft and be caught in nets at the "back" of the raft, just as effectively as they are caught by nets in "front".
  • Leave a gap between Simple Collection Nets. This allows collection across a wider area, and items rarely float in-between the nets without being caught - especially if sailing at an angle.
  • Protect Simple Collection Nets with Foundation Armor. If not enough Resources are available, build a temporary row of Foundations for the Shark to attack as they are cheaper to craft.
  • Thirty-three Simple Collection Nets in a single line will capture all incoming Flotsam provided they are exactly perpendicular to the rafts direction of travel. Sixty-four nets in an L shape (combining two adjacent lines of 32 with an empty corner) will always collect all Flotsam regardless of raft direction.
  • If the game is Modded, you may experience a lag spike when collecting from nets.


  • With Update 12, the Simple Collection Net was renamed from "Collection Net" to make room for other types of collection nets, such as the Advanced Collection Net.


Early Access
Update 12 Can now be painted.
Renamed to Simple Collection Net.
Update 6 Collection Net capacity set to ten.
Update 1 Collection Net added to the game.