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Keep the shark busy!
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Shark Bait is a Tool in Raft.


Available at the start of the game, the Shark Bait can be thrown into the ocean to occupy the Shark for a short duration. Shark Bait can be made from raw Raw Herrings or Pomfrets; you may use two of either fish or one of each. Each Shark Bait has 800 health points, except on Hard Mode. While chomping on it, the Shark reduces the health of the Shark Bait until it is destroyed and the Shark will return to its usual patterns.

On Peaceful Mode, the Shark is not aggressive and does not attack the Shark Bait.

On Hard Mode, multiple Sharks may attack the bait at the same time. As they both destroy the bait at equal tempo, simply half the amount of time it takes for them to destroy the bait, assuming they attack at the same time. The amount of health the bait has is increased on Hard Mode, whereas the Sharks damage to the bait is the same.

Following is a table of the amount of time a Shark Bait will fend off one or multiple Sharks:

Shark Bait
Game Mode Effective Time Bait Health
Easy/Normal 1 min 5 sec 800
Hard 1 min 20 sec 1000


  • When thrown in the water, it will keep the Shark occupied while the player may gather underwater Materials.


  • To more easily catch Herrings and Pomfrets, use a Wooden Fishing Rod. This will lessen the chance at catching the larger fish.
  • Dropping the bait at the side of the raft and within the player's reach is an easy way to kill the Shark or farm for shark meat when there are multiple sharks in the water. Wait for the Shark to attack the bait then hit it with your weapon of choice. Make sure the bait doesn't go under the foundations so you don't have to dive when looting the shark's carcass.


Early Access
Update 8 Shark Bait lasts 30% longer in hard mode.
Update 1 Shark Bait added to the game.