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Seagulls are non-lethal Threats in Raft, but also appear in a non-aggressive form during an Event.


Seagulls fly around the player's raft and will attempt to eat any plants being grown on the raft. Any Crop Plots beside a Large Crop Plot, Advanced Large Crop Plot may be targetted. They can be scared off by approaching them or by throwing a Stone at them. Since Update 12 throwing the Hook does not work anymore. Seagulls will attack a Scarecrow instead of planted crops if placed within at least 3 and a half meters, which can be a good way of defending crops while gathering Materials or exploring Islands. If no crops are present, the Seagulls may land in Birds Nests if available. Seagulls will leave up to three Feathers behind if left alone in the nest.

There can be a total of two Seagulls alive at the same time. In an interval of 5–7 minutes, the game engine will check how many Seagulls are alive. If it's one or none, the game will run a 50% probability to spawn one. While flying around, the Seagulls will scream in an interval of 3–6 minutes.

Each seagull will dive down to attack a scarecrow or a crop every 4 minutes. When diving down to eat crops, the Seagull will check the surroundings for Scarecrows. When attacking either a crop or the Scarecrow, the player has 15 seconds before the Seagull succeeds in its attack. If the player comes within 2.25 meters of the Seagull, it is scared away. The Seagull can also be killed, which will then leave a dead Seagull which can either be looted or will despawn after 5 minutes.


Hits to Kill
Weapon/Ammo Normal Hard
Wooden Spear.png Wooden Spear 2 3
Metal Spear.png Metal Spear
Stone Arrow.png Stone Arrow
1 2
Machete.png Machete
Metal Arrow.png Metal Arrow
1 1
Titanium Sword.png Titanium Sword
Titanium Arrow.png Titanium Arrow
1 1

Seagulls can be one-shot with either a Metal Spear or a Basic Bow with any arrow in normal difficulty, whereas a metal spear on hard difficulty will take two hits. Wait for the Seagull to either attack a crop or Scarecrow, or land in a nest before attacking them. Seagulls are generally slow creatures, so there is plenty of time to line up the shot. The Seagull will always attempt to fly away when attacked with a Melee weapon, but if you miss or if attacking with a weaker weapon you may simply wait until the same Seagull lands again and then finish it off.

Seagulls will land on crops regardless of player location. Standing next to crops will cause seagulls to land and ignore the player (assuming no scarecrow in range) and can be killed with a two wooden spear strikes. Waiting for crops to grow makes this a reasonably feasible early-game strat to get feathers and food before Smelter/metal ingot access.


The Advanced Scarecrow when placed on the raft, keep seagulls away from your crop plots for good. The Advanced Scarecrow is sold at the Trading Post.

Greenhouse large.jpg
A large greenhouse with seagull attack range in red. (the roof is absent.)

It's possible to stop the seagull attacking your crops. It can be done by building a fully enclosed room, which has walls and a ceiling. At least one floor is required, and every crop plot must be placed under it.

A top-down cross section of a tiny 5-plot greenhouse; the roof is absent. Because it is a half wall tall, one must crouch to enter. This structure prevents seagulls from attacking the inner crops and lets them grow in peace.

Small, cramped designs can reduce attacks without that requirement: an example is provided below.


  • Seagulls used to lay Eggs as well as feathers, before flying away from a nest. This was later changed when the Clucker was added to the game, which is the current source of Eggs. The line "dropEggInNest: 0" can still be found in the game code.
  • Seagulls are referred to as "Birds" in the Achievements.
  • Until Update 13, Seagulls could avoid targeting crops that were covered by roofing or wood floor panels.


Early Access
Update 12 Seagulls can't be scared off crops by throwing the hook anymore.
Crop attack timer increased to 4 minutes.
Update 10 Reduced health.
Update 9 Seagulls do not lay eggs anymore.
Update 1 Seagulls added to the game.
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