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Scarecrow Advanced Scarecrow
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Keeps seagulls away from your crop plots.
Food & Water

Scarecrow is a Food/Water item in Raft.


The Scarecrow is an item used as a decoy. Instead of attacking nearby crops, Seagulls will attack the Scarecrow instead. The scarecrow can be attacked a total of three times by seagulls, unless the player scares the seagulls away. The scarecrow will lose parts of its body, and will eventually lose its ability to keep seagulls away from crops. Seagulls will destroy the arm with the hook, the other arm, and the head in that order. Once rendered useless, or after losing the first arm, the scarecrow can be removed to salvage 3 Planks, 2 Palm Leaves, 2 Nails, and 2 Pieces of Plastic.

When placed, the Scarecrow may be attacked by Seagulls when placed within 6 meters of a crop. This is roughly three and a half foundations worth of distance. This distance also translates upwards and downwards, but in a sphere rather than cube.

Only one Seagull can attack the Scarecrow at a time. If multiple Seagulls attack at the same time, the first one will attack the Scarecrow while the other attacks the crop.


  • Can be destroyed by Seagulls.
  • Used as a decoy to keep your crops safe.
  • Can be painted any colour with the Paint Brush.png Paint Brush.


  • The scarecrow is painted to look visually similar to the female player model, "Maya".


  • The Scarecrow will sometimes not work at all and gets ignored consistently by Seagulls even if it isn't broken[citation needed].