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#1 More Metal!
#2 Seagull Stole my Potato
#3 Smoke on my Raft

Rock Cassette is a Miscellaneous item in Raft.


The Rock Cassette is a Cassette Tape that can be found while Treasure Hunting. When getting the Safe, the player has a 9.3% chance of finding one of the Cassette Tapes with a 25% chance of it being the Rock Cassette.

The Rock Cassette can be inserted into a Radio to play rock music.

Tape Contents[]

The Rock Cassette holds three tracks. Despite being labelled as rock, the cassette leans more towards metal genre-wise. The last track is a pun on the famous song "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple, although the music sounds nothing like it.

Track # Track Name Track Length
1 More Metal! 1:18
2 Seagull Stole my Potato 1:45
3 Smoke on my Raft 1:59


Early Access
Update 12 Rock Cassette added to the game.