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Resources is the sixth section in Crafting Menu

List of Resources[]

Item Description Required Materials
Rope.png Rope Could be used to tie a knot. Made from palm leaves. 2x Palm Leaf.png
Bolt.png Bolt It's like a thick screw. 1x Metal Ingot.png
Wet Brick.png Wet Brick Can be placed on your raft to dry. 2x Clay.png, 2x Sand.png
Nail.png Nail Good for putting things together. 2x Scrap.png to craft 3x Nail.png Nail
Hinge.png Hinge It's two metal plates... That bends. 1x Metal Ingot.png
Circuit Board.png Circuit Board Commonly used for electrical machines. 1x Plastic.png, 2x Copper Ingot.png, 1x Vine Goo.png
Battery.png Battery Used to power electrical machines. 1x Copper Ingot.png, 6x Plastic.png, 3x Scrap.png
Honey.png Honey Tastes yummy and can be used to create biofuel. 6x Honeycomb.png, 1x Glass.pngto craft 2x Honey.png Honey