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Recipes are Items in Raft. They can be followed to create Dishes.


Recipes can be placed on Walls, and show the required ingredients, quantity needed and crafting station needed namely the Cooking Pot. The recipe uses the required items' icons and a multiplier for example "x2" if two of the specified items are needed. The text and icons become invisible when moving roughly six Foundations' length away, and reappears after moving within three Foundations' length of the Recipe.

List of Recipes[]

Name Description Ingredients Final Meal
Recipe Catfish Deluxe.png Recipe: Catfish Deluxe A masterpiece among fish recipes. ≤2xRaw Potato.png, ≤2xRaw Beet.png, 1xRaw Catfish.png, 1xCave Mushroom.png Catfish Deluxe.png Catfish Deluxe
Recipe Coconut Chicken.png Recipe: Coconut Chicken Yummy chicken cooked in coconut milk. 2xRaw Drumstick.png, 1xCoconut.png, 1xCave Mushroom.png Coconut Chicken.png Coconut Chicken
Recipe Drumstick with Jam.png Recipe: Drumstick with Jam ... who came up with this recipe? 2xRaw Drumstick.png, 2xRed Berries.png Drumstick with Jam.png Drumstick with Jam
Recipe Fish Stew.png Recipe: Fish Stew A sturdier and tastier fish stew. 1xEgg.png, 1xBucket of Milk.png, ≤2xRaw Tilapia.png, ≤2xRaw Mackerel.png Fish Stew.png Fish Stew
Recipe Fruit Compot.png Recipe: Fruit Compot Tastes extra good when you are tired of chewing meat. 1xWatermelon.png, 1xPineapple.png, 1xRed Berries.png, 1xMango.png Fruit Compot.png Fruit Compot
Recipe Head Broth.png Recipe: Head Broth A tad scary but nutritious broth. ≤1xRaw Potato.png, ≤1xRaw Beet.png, 2xPoison-Puffer Head.png, 1xBucket of Milk.png Head Broth.png Head Broth
Recipe Mushroom Omelette.png Recipe: Mushroom Omelette A favorite of the breakfast community. 1xRaw Potato.png, 2xEgg.png, 1xCave Mushroom.png Mushroom Omelette.png Mushroom Omelette
Recipe Salmon Salad.png Recipe: Salmon Salad A healthy salad. ≤2xPineapple.png, ≤2xMango.png, 1xRaw Salmon.png, 1xSilver Algae.png Salmon Salad.png Salmon Salad
Recipe Shark Dinner.png Recipe: Shark Dinner Enough food to feed three people. Can you eat it by yourself? 2xRaw Shark Meat.png, 1xCave Mushroom.png, 1xSilver Algae.png Shark Dinner.png Shark Dinner
Recipe Simple Fish Stew.png Recipe: Simple Fish Stew Smells fishy but tastes OK. ≤2xRaw Pomfret.png, ≤2xRaw Herring.png, ≤2xRaw Potato.png, ≤2xRaw Beet.png Simple Fish Stew.png Simple Fish Stew
Recipe Vegetable Soup.png Recipe: Vegetable Soup A mixture of vegetables to keep you warm. ≤4xRaw Potato.png, ≤4xRaw Beet.png Vegetable Soup.png Vegetable Soup

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