Raft Wiki
These rules went into effect on July 3, 2021

Raft Wiki ("Wiki") is an online source of information for the video game Raft and related subjects. The wiki can be edited by anyone and is governed through consensus among its users, based on argument-supported and civil collaboration. Raft Wiki has set of rules ("policies"), which are expected to be followed.

General rules

These rules are the foundation for other rules. These must be known by everyone, and you accept them by:

  1. Creating an account
  2. Making an edit to the Wiki
G1 - Vandalism, Spam and Gibberish won't be tolerated
  • Putting Vandalism, Spam, Gibberish or any bad-faith edits (removing content from pages) is not allowed
G2 - Edits must comply with policies
G3 - Editors should be civil and assume good-faith
  • We want to have a peaceful atmosphere on our Wiki and avoid conflicts. It is unacceptable to harass, stalk, or insult anyone.
G4 - Avoid misleading the reader
  • On the Wiki, we document facts, so do not add speculation, parody content, or hoaxes to articles.
G5 - Add Official Content only
  • We do not document unofficial content. Do not add links to fan communities or creations (the only exception is in cited references).
G6 - Do not link or embed external images or videos
  • External includes any image not produced by Redbeet Interactive, or content which was created by the community with Redbeet assets (Rule G5)
G7 - Don't create inappropriate accounts
  • Accounts with offensive, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate usernames will be blocked indefinitely.

Deletion rules

These rules are about when and how pages can be deleted. Not all pages can stay on our wiki, due page being stub, or just page was created as vandalism.

D1 - Page was against general rules
  • If pages were created that break rules G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, or G6, they may be removed without notice.
D2 - Author request
  • Author can request to delete the page (for some namespaces only)
D3 - No longer needed page, redirect or merged page link
  • Pages which are no longer needed will be deleted from Wiki. This includes "moved" and "merged" pages.
D4 - Talk page, redirects or subpage of/to deleted pages
  • These pages are commonly removed before the deleted page itself.
D5 - Duplicates
  • If wiki contains more pages about the same topic, we delete it. The deleted page is mostly the later page.

Protection rules

These are the protection policies/reasons. Generally, we keep pages open for everybody, so anybody (even those non-registered people) can edit wikis without no limits. Sadly, there are few pages, which needs to be protected. Here are few reasons to protect pages.

P1 - Continual breaking of rules
  • We generally protect pages, which had too much vandalism in the past.
  • They generally can't be protected forever, the longest protect can last 1 year.
P2 - Key part of the wiki
  • These include really important wiki pages (Main page, Wiki rules, etc.)
  • These are protected indefinely

Blocking rules

Not every person is making productive edits. Many of these people are just testing editors and messes some parts of articles (those are never blocked, just we inform them about their edits). Unfortunately, few people don't want to help the wiki in any way, and they want to do exact opposite. Those people have to be blocked. Admins have full right to block people for any length they feel the person should get. The only thing is the block must comply with this set of rules:

B1 - Performing edits which are against EULA or ToS
  • If user is performing edits which are against Raft's EULA or Fandom's Terms of Use, they can be banned up to 4 weeks (if IP) or indefinitely (if registered).
B2 - Bad-faith edits
  • If a user violates rule G1, they will be blocked from editing indefinitely.
B3 - Inappropriate behavior
  • We do not tolerate any sort of intimidation, harassment, or personal attack. Offenders will be blocked indefinitely. (Rule G3)
B4 - Inserting false information or speculations
  • Hoaxes, misinformation's or speculations does not have place on the Wiki.
B5 - Links to community creations
  • This includes repeatably violating rule G5.
B6 - Violating copyright
  • This includes repeatably violating rule G6
B7 - Inappropriate username
B8 - Abusing multiple accounts
  • Creating extra accounts to make bad faith edits or circumvent blocks will result in indefinite blocks.


If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to talk about them here. If you feel you've been blocked by a mistake, you can ask about it on Raft's Discord.