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This projects strives to add all lore and story related information to the relevant pages. The main page for lore is the Story page, while Story islands (Radio Tower, Balboa Island, etc.) are secondary.

Deciphering of information and summarizing[]

Reading in-game notes and paraphrasing them requires of the editor to interpret events. As such, much of the information produced on the topic is subjective, which makes co-editing the contents on the Wiki harder. Strive to write only what can be assumed with a relative amount of safety and keep theorizing to a minimum. If editors find any discrepancies or signs that information provided on the Wiki is inaccurate, start a topic on the Talk page, but avoid removing anything before the subject has been discussed.

Format and Content[]

Story Page[]

Main article: Story

A "Notes and Lore"-section is added after each summarized Story island on the Story page. All notes and lore found on the Story island in question is written within this header. "Notes" refers all entries that are added to the Journal, regardless of how they are added. Lore can be found in any form of communication with examples being the message on the Radio Tower noting that "they caught a Shark and named him Bruce".

The page is already of considerable length, for which reason we ask editors to use the following collapsible-template:

{{Collapse top|Click to expand|Click to collapse}} Summary of relevant notes and lore. {{Collapse bottom}}

Using this template will make a collapsible text that can be expanded should the reader wish to.

Story Islands[]

The Story Islands consists of any named island that holds Quest Items or notes for the Journal. If an editor finds the specific "Notes and Lore"-section of a given Story Island to become too long, they can decide to move the full summary to the specific Story Island page, while leaving behind an excerpt or short version of the summary.

Other interesting lore may be found in and around the locations on the Story Islands. How to add these depend entirely on the nature of how they are presented in-game. For example, there are a number of interesting locations on Caravan Island, which have been put under their own category of "Points of Interest". If the lore were entirely made up of graffiti, they can simply be added under a section matching that name.

Smaller finds can be added as a point of Trivia on the page in question. This can be in-game references to real life, references to other in-game lore, or something else entirely.


Location Story Page (Notes and Lore) Story Island Misc. finds
Radio Tower Support.pngDone Oppose.pngNot Done Oppose.pngNot Done
Vasagatan Support.pngDone Oppose.pngNot Done Oppose.pngNot Done
Balboa Island Support.pngDone Oppose.pngNot Done Oppose.pngNot Done
Caravan Island Support.pngDone Support.pngDone Oppose.pngNot Done
Tangaroa Support.pngDone Oppose.pngNot Done Oppose.pngNot Done