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Many item pages are missing images, or have out-dated or messy images. This project seeks to add images or replace bad pictures.

Subject portrayal and usage[]

One of the main objectives of the project is to have all Crafting Menu items, Quest Items, and Main Page category items sufficiently portrayed in their respective galleries. Each gallery should contain at least one image portraying the item in question, and one with the item in use if applicable. Some pages may even need the gallery added. This should be done using the following code (only the files and their description should be changed): <gallery mode="nolines"> File:Image.jpg|Description of image File:Image2.jpg|Description of image </gallery>

Following are examples of pages that could use a touch-up as of Feb. 3, 2021:

Page Done Missing
Strawberry Plant Picture of plant in Small Crop Plot. Picture of original plant.
Infirmary Key Icon. Where to find key.
Which lock key fits (in this case a door, but could be chest, padlock, etc.)
Stone Axe 3D art of item. In-game picture of axe being held.
Optional: Picture of axe being used to chop tree.
Cooked Catfish Picture of item on grill. Properly cropped picture (not whole item is in frame).
Optional: 3rd person perspective of player holding item.

These are just a few examples. It is impossible to completely cover all types of images needed, so editors are asked to make their own judgement on whether a page needs images added or altered.

Loose images on article pages[]

Some pages may also need loose images outside the gallery. These are mostly pages that do no have in-game icons and therefore do not have an infobox-template. These pages should have a simply image of the article topic in the top right corner with a description of it. Use the following code in the top of the source editor to make the images consistent in size and placement:

[[File:Image.jpg|300px|thumb|Description of image.]]

If there are any translations available for that page, they should be placed above the image. It will look like this:

{{Translation|tr}} [[File:Image.jpg|300px|thumb|Description of image.]]

Other pages that hold longer parts of text may need a few loose images to exemplify the topic written about and give the reader a visual break. A good example of this is the Loot Box page, which features a number of images throughout the article.

Replacement of bad images[]

Some pages have all the required images, but one or more images are sub-par with the quality expected on the Wiki. Following criteria characterize good images:

  • Clear subject: the main subject should be clearly visible.
  • Cropping: the whole object should be in frame, and if the surroundings are relevant, they should be in frame, too. Cropping the picture to include only the subject is occasionally a good idea.
  • Base game: the picture should represent the vanilla experience. Do not portray any mods or tamper with the picture in post-production.
  • Lighting: take the picture while the in-game lighting is good. Using mods to tweak this is often a good idea.
  • HUD or not: hide the HUD if it does not have a function in the picture.

Uploading images[]

When uploading images, make sure to use the special page: Special:Upload. It can also be found in the menu on the left, under the "Tools" section. The main reason for using this page is because it allows the uploader to set the correct copyrights for the image while uploading, which is not possible when using the source editor upload function.

When uploading an image, make sure to name it something relevant that specifically describes the content of image. This way, when other editors search for specific images or go through the file list, they will have an easier time identifying the content of your uploads. Adding extra information in the "Summary" box of the upload page allows for an even better overview of the files content.

Project Progress[]

Following is a list of all relevant pages on the Wiki as of Feb. 3, 2021 that may need updated or new images. Use <s>[[Banana]]</s> to strike out entries on the list to indicate the page has been checked and corrected if applicable. Completed entries should look like this: Banana. Make sure to follow the guidelines above and your own common sense when working on this project. Thank you.