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Raft is a Survival game developed by Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games.

Raft throws you and your friends into an epic adventure out on the big open sea, with the objective to stay alive, gather resources and build yourself a floating home worthy of survival.

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Did you know...
  • ... that Raft was originally created in 2016 by three students?
  • ... that Raft was released on Steam on May 23, 2018?
  • ... that Raft's first entity was the Shark?
Updates & Events
Latest release: Update 11
June 26, 2020

Steam Summer Sale started on Steam. Raft price is off 30%.

June, 22 2020

Update 12 (Chapter 12) was pushed back to Fall 2020 due there is many work to do.

May 23, 2020

Raft reached it's 2nd Birthday!

February 14, 2020

The Beehive Update was released.

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