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Quest Items are items needed for the Story of Raft. Each Story location has its own set of Quest Items that the player needs to find and/or create in order to progress.


Unlike regular items, all Quest Items show up in the Journal, which is opened by default by pressing [T]. Quest Items are shared across a save file, which means while playing Raft Multiplayer, only one player has to find an item for everyone to see it in their Journal. This also helps ensure that Quest Items cannot be thrown away or lost.

Some Quest Items are duplicate, like Mechanical Components and Wild Berries, which are both needed in greater numbers to unlock each their respective objective. Numbers by the icons in the Journal show how many of each item has been collected. Some Quest Items, like the Wild Berries found on Balboa Island, are found in excess to how many are actually needed. As a result, players may find some Quest Items stay in their Journal indefinitely because they have collected more than were needed to progress the Story.