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The Pine Tree is an Environment object in Raft.


Pine Tree.png
A Pine Tree
Pine Trees can be found on Balboa Island and Evergreen Islands. When chopped down with an Axe, it will drop seven Planks. There's a small chance of receiving a Pinecone when chopping down a Pine Tree. Pinecones can be planted in Large Crop Plots to grow Pine Trees on the raft. After watering, it takes the Pine Seed 15 minutes to grow into a full size tree.

A Pine Tree is felled in five chops. Every chop is predetermined as to what it yields, except for Pinecones which have a 13.5% chance of dropping from every chop. Chopping down a Pine Tree entirely has a total of a 51.6% chance of yielding a Pinecone.

Pinecone Drop Rate

Chances of getting Pinecones after chopping the whole tree down.

# of Pinecones Chance of Getting Exactly That Many Pinecone Chance of Getting At Least That Many Pinecones
0 48.43% 100%
1 37.79% 51.57%
2 11.80% 13.78%
3 1.84% 1.99%
4 0.144% 0.148%
5 0.00448% 0.00448%

Chop Yields

Chop 1: Plank.png x1
Chop 2: Plank.png x2
Chop 3: Plank.png x1
Chop 4: Plank.png x1
Chop 5: Plank.png x2

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