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Piano is a Miscellaneous item in Raft.


The Piano is a placeable item purchased from the Vending Machine Service on Tangaroa. The Piano costs a total of eight Tangaroa Tokens, making it the most expensive item available. Once placed, the player can play pieces using the keyboard keys ranging from 1 to 0. Using the Shift-key and Space-key plays an octave higher or lower, respectively. The piano has a range of little over three octaves, ranging from C3 to E6. Multiple keys can be played simultaneously allowing for actual harmonies to be played, although there is no way to play sharps or flats. As such, the piano can only play in the C major scale, or its relative, A minor.

The piano comes with a beginners tutorial, including sheet music for the Raft theme "Dreaming on the Sea". Next to the tutorial and sheet music is a horizontal board on which decorations such as plants can be placed. Practically, any item that will fit on the board can be placed on it including larger items like Scarecrows and the Yucca Tangaroa Plant.

An irretrievable version of the piano can be found inside a building in Tangaroa, accessed from the plantation elevator.

Raft Sheet Music[]

Writing down music for the Raft Piano can be done using a simplified notation technique. To find sheet music written for Raft, head over to the Raft Piano Sheet Music page, where songs have been noted down by the community.


  • Can be placed as a decoration.
  • Can be played and heard by other players.


  • The piano is actually a grand piano.


Early Access
Update 12 Piano added to the game.