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Used to turn flowers into color.

Paint Mill is a Decoration in Raft. It allows the creation of Paint.


The Paint Mill can be researched at the Research Table. The Paint Mill is used to craft Paint to color parts of the raft with. The player is able to create different colors of paint depending on what color the Flower put into the Paint Mill has. Crafted Paint can be used with the help of a Paint Brush.

The Paint Mill has a capacity of five flowers and a matching five slots for finished paint. Finished Paint is depicted by having a filled pail near the mill matching the color of the Paint.

To make Paint, three conditions must be met before the Paint Mill will work:

  • There must be at least one Flower in the Paint Mill.
  • There must be at least one free spot around the Paint Mill.
  • The raft must sail for the Mill to start - however, once started it won't stop until finished, regardless if the raft is anchored. If the raft is anchored, the Paint Mill can still be started by simply using a Paddle for a split second until the mill has started.


  • Place the Paint Mill with the wheel sticking into the ocean.
  • Place up to five Flowers in the Paint Mill. It will take 45 seconds before the paint is done.
  • Removing the Paint Mill will destroy any finished or unfinished paint.