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Turn your raft into a colourful home!
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Paint Brush is a Decorations item in Raft. It can be unlocked through the Research Table.


The Paint Brush is used to paint a number of objects, most being from the Structures category. The brush makes use of any of the five available Paints as long as it's in the player's inventory. While having a Paint Brush equipped, the player can right-click to bring up the paint menu revealing the 12 different colors available in different nuances, as well as black, white, light and dark gray. There is also the option to use a secondary color or a pattern. For the secondary color, the player may choose from the same 12 colors and it's nuances as for the primary color. For patterns, there are 8 different options to choose from.

All colors have a pure variety which only uses a single or two types of Paint, and two nuances; a darker or lighter version. All colors require a total of six units of Paint. When using a primary color (yellow, red, or blue), six units of the chosen color is used, whereas secondary colors uses three units of each of the required primary colors. Any light or dark nuance of a chosen color requires instead two units of black or white and only four of the original color(s). Lastly, the Paint Brush also comes with an erase function, removing any paint from a painted object.


  • A tool used to unlock the ability to Paint parts of your raft. Uses paint created through the Paint Mill.

Paintable Objects[]

Following is a list of objects that can currently be painted:



Early Access
Update 1 Paint Brush added to the game.