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Item Description Required Materials
Research Table
Research Table.png Research Table Used to research new items to craft. 14x Plank.png, 2x Scrap.png
Simple Bed.png Simple Bed Lets you sleep through the night and can be used to revive incapacitated friends.
Respawning in a bed also provides you with more health.
10x Palm Leaf.png, 6x Plank.png, 4x Plastic.png, 3x Nail.png
Hammock.png Hammock Lets you sleep through the night and can be used to revive incapacitated friends.
Respawning in a hammock provides you with even more health than a simple bed.
12x Palm Leaf.png,10x Plank.png, 8x Feather.png, 6x Nail.png
Small Storage.png Small Storage Used to store items. 8xPlastic.png, 1xScrap.png, 2xRope.png
Storage.png Storage Used to store more items. 8xPlank.png, 3xScrap.png, 4xRope.png, 1xHinge.png
Large Storage.png Large Storage Used to store a lot of items. 10xPlank.png, 10xPlastic.png, 2xHinge.png, 4xTitanium Ingot.png
Smelter.png Smelter Can smelt metal ore, sand and seaweed. 4x Plank.png, 6x Dry Brick.png, 4x Scrap.png, 6x Nail.png
Collection Net
Collection Net.png Collection Net Automatically catches items that float into it. 6x Plank.png, 8x Rope.png, 2x Nail.png
Birds Nest
Birds Nest.png Birds Nest A place for seagulls to rest. Be sure to keep your distance as birds are easily scared. 6x Palm Leaf.png, 6x Plank.png, 1x Giant Clam.png
Biofuel Tank.png Biofuel Tank Specially designed to store biofuel. 24x Plastic.png, 10x Plank.png, 6x Scrap.png, 2x Bolt.png
Water Tank.png Water Tank Can be connected with waterpipes! 30x Plastic.png, 10x Plank.png, 5x Rope.png, 3x Titanium Ingot.png
Fuel Pipe.png Fuel Pipe Useful for transporting biofuel between different machines. 4x Scrap.png
Water Pipe.png Water Pipe Useful for transporting water between different machines. 4x Scrap.png
Biofuel Refiner
Biofuel Refiner.png Biofuel Refiner Mixes raw food and honey to create biofuel. 12x Plastic.png, 10x Plank.png, 4x Rope.png, 1x Hinge.png OR 1x Bolt.png
Beehive.png Beehive If you care for the bees they will yield you honeycombs. 20x Plank.png, 8x Plastic.png, 4x Clay.png, 2x Hinge.png, 15x Bee Jar.png
Battery Charger
Battery Charger.png Battery Charger Can be connected with fuel pipes 15xPlastic.png, 5xScrap.png, 1xCircuit Board.png, 4xTitanium Ingot.png
Zipline.png Zipline Place rope between these to ride the zipline. 5xPlank.png, 5xRope.png, 1xBolt.png