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Cuts sushi like a boss.

OP Weapon is an unobtainable Weapon in Raft.


The OP Weapon cannot be crafted, but only obtained by developers with console commands, or through cheats, file editing, or Modding. It looks like a golden spear with the occasional scratch and dink, with four spears in a plus shape around the center shaft. It has small indents in beautiful patterns, which appear Greek, with what looks like Poseidon on them (Olympian God of the Sea).

It is a melee weapon, it has approximate equal range to either spear weapon, It can kill anything in the game in one shot.

It can kill players, but it is unknown whether it can do so in creative mode.

Some players theorize that it is an ancient weapon from either Greek prophecies about flooding, and this weapon was designed for some kind of hero of this world, one who could rebuild the whole planet.

Other theories are that there is an underwater race of mer-people, who rescue you when you die and put you back on your raft, in whatever bed you have, and that spear is a weapon of theirs, which they may use on the player if they go too deep, which is why, even if you repeatedly use the better healing salve, eventually when you go too deep, even in creative, you die. There are many theories along the lines of ancient Greek prophecies of flooded worlds and a hero, with a golden spear; mer-people who have chosen you as a champion to save the planet for humans and them, as well as another that it's just something for a future update, the lore for which, has not yet been written.


Early Access
Update 12 OP Weapon added to the game.