Raft Wiki
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Navigation is the seventh section in Crafting Menu.

Item Description Required Materials
Throwable Anchor.png Throwable Anchor Lets you anchor your raft. Can only be used once. 2xPlank.png, 4xRope.png, 4xStone.png
Stationary Anchor.png Stationary Anchor Lets you anchor your raft. 10xPlank.png, 6xRope.png, 3xMetal Ingot.png, 1xHinge.png
Advanced Stationary Anchor.png Advanced Stationary Anchor Works remotely with the engine controls. 10xPlank.png, 6xRope.png, 4xMetal Ingot.png, 4xBolt.png, 8xTitanium Ingot.png
Engine Controls.png Engine‎ Controls Allows you to control all engines from one spot. 6xScrap.png, 6xTitanium Ingot.png, 2xBolt.png, 1xCircuit Board.png
Paddle.png Paddle Has your raft gotten stuck? This will help. 4xPlank.png, 6xPlastic.png, 2xRope.png
Sail.png Sail Can nudge you in the right direction. 10xPlank.png, 20xPalm Leaf.png, 3xScrap.png
Receiver.png Receiver Used to locate nearby radio signals. 8xPlank.png, 6xPlastic.png, 2xCircuit Board.png, 1xHinge.png
Streamer.png Streamer Useful for knowing which way is forward. 6xPlank.png, 3xRope.png, 3xNail.png
Antenna.png Antenna Used along with the receiver. 4xScrap.png, 1xCircuit Board.png, 1xBolt.png
Engine.png Engine Allows you to go in different directions and increases your speed. 5xMetal Ingot.png, 5xRope.png, 1xCircuit Board.png, 20xPlank.png
Steering Wheel.png Steering Wheel Allows you to rotate your raft. Extra useful in combination with an engine. 10xScrap.png, 4xMetal Ingot.png, 4xRope.png, ≤2xBolt.png, ≤2xHinge.png