Raft Wiki

Multiplayer is available in Raft and allows players to play together online.


Playing with other people can greatly increase progression in Raft but also serves the extra difficulty of having to find more Sustenance to keep everyone alive. The more players that join a game, the more Materials will spawn in the direction the raft is sailing. Multiple Sharks also start spawning on higher difficulties at random intervals, making Island exploration and underwater Material gathering much harder.

Playing with a friend by joining or hosting a Multiplayer game also unlocks the Teamplay! achievement.

How to Play Multiplayer[]

Playing Multiplayer in Raft requires for all users to have the game installed through Steam. Additionally, the players must be friends and have their status set to online in order to join each others' games. There are multiple ways of finding additional Rafters to play with, including the Raft Discord. Following is a guide for finding other players to play with:

  • Join the Raft Discord linked above.
    • Discord is a Chat application, which connects thousands of persons.
  • Go to the #find-rafters-lfg channel on the Discord and tell everyone that you're interested in playing - consider mentioning the Game Mode you want to play.
    • You can talk in in your mother tongue in this Channel. But please consider talking English in all other Channels of the Raft Discord Server.
  • When you have found someone to play with, add each other on Steam. This is done by right-clicking the steam icon in the notification area, clicking "Friends" and choosing the little circled + icon in the top right corner of the screen.
    • a) Copy your Friend Code and send it in a private message over Discord.
    • b) Ask for the person's Friend Code and type it into the "Enter a Friend Code" text field.
  • Once accepted, both players can see each others' worlds in Raft.
  • Enter the game, have one player open a world and make sure the "Friends can join" option is enabled.
    • One Person have to either select "New Worlds" or "Load World", ensure the "Friends can join" is selected and if you enter a Password, that you share it with the Friend.
    • The other Person have to select "Join World", the friends game will be shown. Enter the Password if prompted.
  • Have fun!