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Metal Fishing Rod.png Metal Fishing Rod
Sturdier and a bit more professional.
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Metal Fishing Rod is a Tool in Raft.


After crafting a Metal Fishing Rod, the player may throw out the line and attempt to catch Fish. The line can be cast through floors and objects. All attempts are successful at retrieving an item, however once in a while, other items are caught as well. Fish and items, and their respective catch rates for both the Metal Fishing Rod and the Wooden Fishing Rod, are listed on the Fishing Rod page.

While fishing, the player is able to move around the raft as they wish, however they cannot interact with any objects. This is still useful for scaring off Seagulls or checking if a Smelter is finished smelting.

The Metal Fishing Rod is better at catching the larger Fish in comparison to the Wooden Fishing Rod.


  • Catches Fish and scoops up rare items from the ocean.


Early Access
Update ? Metal Fishing Rod added to the game.
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